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Chief Chase bids fond farewell to Polson

This is a note to you that I have turned in my resignation after nine-plus years with the Polson Police Department. I promised five years to the city when I was hired, so you can see how my officers, my police clerk, city hall workers, all my fellow law enforcement officers from our neighboring agencies and departments in Lake County, plus our wonderful community members made me want to stay. There is a reason for every season in our lives, and Mrs. Chase and I need to have some quality time with our children and grandchildren both here and abroad, and as importantly, each other. She has given and given in our 45-plus years of marriage. I have always ascribed that one needs to, “kn...

A ‘msg’ to all drivers: put down that phone

Usually once a day, sometimes more, I witness a fellow driver engaging in truly obnoxious behavior. Their vehicle in motion, sometimes up to speeds of 60+ miles per hour, they’re weaving back and forth in their lane and as I get closer I see the driver’s head bent low over their phone … te...

Thanks for letting me in

Three years ago, I watched "Fargo" for the first time. A week later, I moved to Montana. My family spent the days in between teasing me about moving to "the middle of nowhere" in their best Marge Gunderson impressions — "...and it's a beautiful day!" My geography wasn't so off that I believed their tau...

Workers comp overhaul feedback is positive

Many of you have asked me about the session so here’s an honest review from your freshman senator after a couple of weeks reflecting on what really happened in Helena. While in the Army Reserves, my son learned a technique for critiquing someone’s performance. The idea is to sandwich a critica...

Governor vetoes nearly 80 bills

The governor signed the budget bill. I was surprised at his statement that the Republican leaders did not live up to their promises. Senate president Peterson and House speaker Milburn wrote the agreement down at the time they spoke to the governor. The governor said the final budget is much like the one he ...

Bill to retain election integrity vetoed

In my letter to you last week, I wrote that bills were still awaiting the governor’s final judgement. Yup – he vetoed the last of several voter-registration bills that would retain election integrity. Did you know that a person can register to vote and request and submit an absentee ballot withou...

State budget bill to be decided May 12

One of our local newspaper editors asked me to write a legislative wrap-up of the session. Well, there are still many things not decided. Last Wednesday nearly one hundred bills were transmitted to the governor for his action. He can veto, sign, or just wait ten days and the bill becomes law. The most imp...

Recycling opportunities expand

Hello recyclers, This is an update to inform you of what's new at the transfer station recycling center, and it's exciting news for Lake County residents. Visit our new website,, for current recycling information. We have expanded what can be recycled at the transfer s...

Legislature stayed busy during session

As I pressed the green “Yes” button, voting to adjourn for good Thursday night, I thought of the volume of bills that had come up for a red or a green vote during the last three months. This session 1,179 bills were introduced. As of this writing, 277 have made it into law. About 600 were either ...

Ronan Chamber has been busy in 2011

Your Ronan Area Chamber of Commerce has been busy in 2011. The year started out with a bang when we presented Bud Cheff Sr. the lifetime achievement award at the annual chamber banquet in February. Bud delighted the crowd with stories from his youth and I think most who attended wished he would have gone on ...

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