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Fisheries need protection, not meddling

This letter was mailed to Tom McDonald, manager of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation Program, for the comment period on gill-netting. Please take the time and send your views. We are the stewards of our lake quality and fisheries for future generations. Dear Tom, It is my understanding that you will forward all letters regarding gill netting to the BPA and I request you submit this letter. I was not aware of this until the article by Janna Taylor came out in the paper, or I would have replied earlier. My passion is fishing, and I am compelled to do something to protect our resource. You and I have discussed this topic bef...

To gill-net or not to gill-net?

There’s a big debate raging here locally. It concerns getting rid of lake trout (mackinaw) in Flathead Lake in order to provide a home for bull trout and cutthroat. The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe has proposed gill-netting 150,000 lake trout per year to reduce the large population in the ...

Pipeline project on its way

You’ve heard talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline in the news lately. I support the project, and it can and it must be done responsibly. Obviously, the environment is a major concern, but who gets the money and how much is part of the debate. Not surprising, right? On one side is the existing way we ...

Health clinic bid needs review

Our governor, in his zeal to leave a legacy before turning in his Helena parking permit, is single-handedly creating more growth in state government. He strategically waited until legislators left for good, then drafted a bid request for a new health clinic to serve 11,000 Montana state workers and families ...

‘Pathways’ education bill will better track learning

Thomas Jefferson said this about free public education, “(My goal is to) provide an education adapted to the years, to the capacity, and the condition of everyone and directed to their freedom and happiness.” But right now, 18 percent of Montana high school students aren’t reaching that ...

The death of common sense

Our country is built upon a foundation of law. From the U.S. Constitution to federal laws and regulations, to state, county, district and town/city laws and ordinances, we have a huge amount of law to deal with every day. I believe that the ever-increasing number of laws and regulations we generate are ch...

EPA not above law, voting rights sacred

Something just happened to renew my faith in common sense and reduced government interference in our lives. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of private landowners who pushed back — at great personal expense — the Environmental Protection Agency on a dispute over a “wetland.” Severa...

Agenda 21 a nonpartisan problem

By Janna Taylor Is Agenda 21 fact, fiction, conspiracy theory, or smart resource use? Is it an effort to take away the personal liberties and freedoms guaranteed by our United States and Montana Constitutions? If you’ve not heard of it, allow me to introduce Agenda 21. A21 refers to an agreement ...

Opting out of Criterion Reference Testing is counterproductive

This column is in response to Mark and Lori Russell’s efforts to encourage parents to opt their children out of the annual Criterion Reference Testing that defines whether Polson meets the AYP (adequate yearly progress) threshold for this school year. While their frustrations are understandable, and we...

Oaths of office too often forgotten

City and county officials, before taking office, must first pledge a sworn commitment to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Montana State Constitution. This sworn commitment is known as the “Oath of Office.” This is a very serious matter, and at this time, one that deserves further a...

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