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Be sure to cast your vote Nov. 2

Historically speaking, one hundred years isn’t a very long time. It was even less than that, 90 years ago, when American women gained the right to vote. The year was 1920 and it had taken women’s suffrage proponents more than 70 years to win the battle. It’s difficult to imagine in today’s society such inequality among the sexes. Not only can women vote, they are doctors, business owners, professional athletes, police officers and politicians. Women today work in a whole host of professional occupations previously held only by men.  Gaining the right to vote was no easy task. Suffragists protested, petitioned and practiced civil disobedience in their quest...

Frugal furniture, lifestyle inspires fashionista

This weekend I had an intimate love affair in Denver. Every night I slept and snuggled loosely in the arms of an beautifully ornate, cable-knit cashmere sweater.  The gray sweater was soft on my sensitive skin and lulled me into sweet dreams of sunshine and happiness.  It belongs to a friend ...

DUI court in planning stages for Polson

As this is being written we are now celebrating the first day of fall. The next season I will not be excited about. I am a dismal failure as a native Montanan in that winter, for me, is the least favorite of the four seasons we live in. For many of you it is indeed the season you look forward to. So sit back...

Shop downtown during construction

Change is a good thing. And the changes being made to Polson’s Main Street are a very good thing — not only for downtown, but for the entire community. As Main Street undergoes a major improvement project, please remember to support downtown businesses by continuing to shop in their stores.&nb...

Be accountable for what you write

We made a mistake. There, I said it. In last week’s Valley Journal we ran an incendiary letter to the editor attacking Lake County Sheriff candidate Jay Doyle with a fake name signed at the bottom. Maybe it was naiveté and trustworthiness on our part, where we didn’t think we had to che...

Frugal fashionista finds secondhand deals

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkmenistan, I had recurrent dreams about two things: shoe shopping and nachos.  I would be in a warehouse of clothes and I would suddenly find myself drawn to a pair of indigo blue, beautifully ornate heels with ribbons and bows galore.  And for some re...

Nothing but the truth, please

Please allow me to set the record straight. Following a letter to the editor in last week’s newspaper penned by one, “Bob Rew,” our office received a number of phone calls regarding the legitimacy of the name.  First of all, let me say that we do indeed live in a small community. I ...

Thank you, six years worth

As the Valley Journal prepares to celebrate its sixth birthday, I am filled with immense gratitude. We have thrived because you, our readers, advertisers, news contacts, have welcomed us into your daily lives. Although we publish weekly, it takes all six days in between to gather your news and share your sto...

Fall brings changes to community

The beat goes on; however, it’s at a somewhat lesser pace as Polson Schools are now in session.  Nick and Rae Dentler, our heartfelt love and prayers are with you and your family. The Dentlers lost their precious Cylus 23 days into his life. We cannot even fathom the mental and emotional pain t...

I just want to ride my bike

The feel of handlebars beneath your eager fingers, the wind rushing through your hair and the sense of sweet freedom with nothing but the open road in front of you... few moments in life rival the exhilaration of your first bicycle ride.  After receiving a bike as a gift for a recent birthday, I have...

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