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Koch agenda is extreme, insidious

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The extreme and almost hidden dangers within today’s Republican Party worry me greatly. I am not against the Republican Party. I grew up Republican. Actually, I have never identified with a party but rather with the character, philosophies and motivations of the individual. So, being a student of character over career — meaning, over money — I submit the following.

The Republican Party is presently split to the breaking point. The great divide is between the long held traditions of good Republican values and the powerful emergence of the Koch family movement to buy up our political system. The money is practically unlimited. They are funding the Tea Party and buying state and national political positions in alarming numbers. A quick list of just some of their political agendas: One, abolish Medicare and Medicaid; two, repeal Social Security; three, no compulsory insurance or tax supported plan to provide health care; four, abolish the US Postal Service; five, no minimum wage laws; six, abolish the Environmental Protection Agency; seven, do away with the Department of Energy.

These agendas are behind every dollar the Koch Brothers hand out, whether it is by buying favor through their many philanthropies or putting people in positions of political power. The Koch Brother’s father, Fred C. Koch (1906-1967) was a powerful business man and leader in the resisting legislation movement; and his sons are carrying this forward. A good friend of mine calls this: “An aberrant infusion of a systemic malignancy into our political system.” In my opinion, we should know this: It is insidious. It is dangerous. It is blind-siding us. It is growing. And it is fooling much of America right now.

Where does it end? What is our future? How can we stop “corporations are people,” no regulations on campaign finance, and lobbyists loaded with money to hand out for political favors. Is this America now? Is this the will of “We The People”? Do we have a democracy anymore?  

I believe these are questions we all ought to be asking ourselves, asking each other, and taking into the voting booth. 

Bob McClellan


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