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There’s good news out there


I am convinced that there is a lot of good news out there, happening every day of the week. So why is it that bad news takes precedence over all the good news? It seems to me that if we read or heard more good news, more people could be persuaded to become participants in making good news happen.

I read recently about a casually dressed, middle-aged man, while walking a street in one of our cities, met a younger homeless woman who appeared destitute. Taking a moment to inquire about her circumstance, he observed that she had no shoes. He removed his flip-flops and handed them to her. That’s good news. Someone captured the act of kindness on their photo device and sent the story to the local TV station.

I came out of a Polson business last week and discovered that I had locked my keys in my vehicle (it never happens). As I stood there on the sidewalk thinking how careless, how dumb; a local resident who works in Pablo, asked if he could help, offering to take me where I could pick up another key. I knew that my wife, Joyce carried an extra key, she was at Charlotte Green’s Flabulous exercise parlor on Main Street. My “Good Samaritan” offered to drive me there. Because of his generous kindness, he helped me solve my problem. Most of us have had many Good Samaritan moments that would have made good news.

Some local friends recently shared this news on Facebook: two paramedics rescued an elderly man who was having a heart attack while shoveling his driveway. Stabilizing their patient as they rushed him to the local medical center, they left him in the care of the ER staff and returned to the man’s driveway to shovel the remaining snow. That is inspiring news.

It is Jesus who said that there is more blessing (joy?) in giving than in receiving. Amen.

Harvey A. Town


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