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Nephew’s finger waggle considered


At the family gathering, he waggled his finger at me and said:  “Yeah, Uncle Bob, my employer got me great healthcare coverage with that affordable care coverage, but that Obamacare all you liberals are always talking about is going to ruin our country!” 

So goes the world. My nephew is a great guy.  And he’s all for “draining the swamp,” whatever that means.  There seems to be more cleverly conceived misinformation and confused political rhetoric flying around than there is honest and straightforward dialogue.

I don’t pretend to know what it is like to sit in congress as a legislator.  But, from the outside-looking-in, Senator Mitch McConnell seems to be a 75-year-old master at playing the political game rather than governing with “We the People” in mind. 

And then we have Donald J. Trump as POTUS.  Could there be a more stark wake-up call in this great nation of ours?  There is no need to start relating the reasons, just read his tweets and listen to him and those trying to explain our president’s position and reasoning on most anything of importance to America and the world. 

My nephew’s finger wagging is not coming from ignorance and lack of opportunities in life.  He’s been doing fine.  It does, however, come from a very dangerous form of campaign style rhetoric playing upon our human tendencies to come alive with interest when our many fears are exposed, talked endlessly about, and then blame is cast.

Playing upon our emotions of anger and fear does seem to excite people to action more readily than praising our attitudes of trust, compassion and love.   

Bob McClellan



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