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Tribal Council candidacy announced


Engaging one another with utmost respect and honor are two important values of our tribal people, both of which empower people to live in a harmonious way. Today I would like to express my honor toward you and offer my time in a respectful way as an upcoming candidate for the open CSKT Tribal Council seat in the Polson District.

Respect and honor are only two of the most fundamental elements that make us the highly regarded, yet most down-to-earth indigenous of this land. The Salish Kootenai and Pend d’Orielle people have been regarded as outstanding leaders in the realm of government- to-government relations and will continue to strive to maintain that important posture. At the same time, we need to foster tribal values in our homes, communities, and in our workplaces.

My intention is to listen to your life perspective, learn from you, and work hard to understand and gain wisdom as part of the ten leaders who are charged with the responsibility to act in your best interest, according to your current and future needs.

In order to begin this important work, I need your help.

Please watch for my upcoming presence in your community and at your doorstep and allow me to carry your voice throughout this Tribal Council election. Beginning in Elmo and Polson on Monday, Sept. 18 in the evening hours I will have a Q&A Session available. Also watch for me on Facebook where I will host a campaign blog and post Q&A schedules. You can also email me,

It’s an important time in our lives, here, across the country, and around the world. We need leadership who will recognize the voice of the people and respond with respect and honor in all conduct, with all people, at all times. Please allow me to represent you in this way.

Charmel R. Gillin



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