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Democrats unwilling to work across the aisle


(In response to Oct. 4 “Smaller government” letter.) Having never put an article in the paper, I have to this time.

I was raised a democrat in Kalispell, but as time went on I became more of a conservative. I vote for the right person, not the party.

At this time democrats blame everything on republicans and do not seem to want to do anything on a bipartisan basis to do any good for the American people.

It’s amazing you can say that republicans want to own the government and do everything for the rich.

Please tell me in the eight years under the control of Obama and democratic Congress what the democrats did to help the middle class.

Obama said you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan, it will be affordable health insurance. (Really?)

I will probably always vote as an independent, but because of the democrats against everything I will lean more to the republican side.

So far Trump’s at least telling the truth.

Dick Wunderlich
Big Arm


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