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Antiste announces candidacy


Hello to all tribal members, my name is Mary Antiste and I am running for the Elmo District. I would appreciate your time to get to know me and see why I am running. I work at Mission Valley Power, so I work 4 tens. I can be reached after hours and Fridays through Sundays. My phone number is 270-0662. I live with my parents, Tom and Sue Antiste in Big Arm. I am 54 years old and I am a Navy Veteran.

I believe our council has not made the best and most prudent decisions and I would love to be one of many new candidates that are running that could make huge differences in the upcoming four years.

We need to pay attention to what our tribe is doing and not doing to keep us solvent and prosperous. I feel our future is at stake if we don’t turn things around now. We have to strive to be more independent of the government and take care of ourselves and our future generations to come.

Please call me if you want to hear more of what I think and the ideas I have for changes I hope to make if elected. I don’t have facebook so please don’t look for me on there … I think face to face is better anyway. I urge all tribal members to read the minutes and learn what each incumbent has voted on and trips they have gone on. Your knowledge is the key to our success.

Take care and keep the faith.

Mary Antiste
Big Arm


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