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Remind elected officials of their oaths


I am appalled at the lack of morals in our elected representatives. Too many have focused on LGBTQ and abortion issues, and elected mostly men and a few women with no moral compass regarding the care and well-being of the vast majority of their constituents. To deny healthcare, to plunder our dwindling natural resources, to ignore our crumbling infrastructures, while creating an atmosphere of distrust among neighbors is a travesty. I am disappointed in our election choices, and in our lack of compassion for the little, the lost, the last, the least, and in this world, the unloved. We must stand up and face the worst in ourselves which brought this great nation to its knees. I have written to my senators and representative, I have called their offices. I have even protested on the sidewalks. I challenge each and every decent person out there to stand up, and contact your elected officials, at any and every level. Tell them you would like them to remember their oath to protect and defend you and your neighbors, against the destructive attitudes prevalent in Congress today. I am afraid that our Montana State Legislature is not much better. Denying the Medicaid expansion was criminal, in my opinion. Now, I see support for this current tax bill, which is also a criminal act against the majority of our neighbors, and morally degrading. Mr. Hertz calls this bill good, and I’m afraid that is because his background is in accounting. Yes, it’s good from that perspective, but it’s an economic disaster. I cannot support a bill that dramatically increases the federal deficit. I cannot support throwing my friends and neighbors to the wolves, for the benefit of very few. Shame on you, Mr. Hertz. I would hope that you take a look from the perspective of the workers in our community who will be negatively impacted by this tax scam.

Susan Evans



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