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Get your numbers right


This is in response to the “Another View” opinion in last week’s paper written by Lucky Sultz. Mr. Sultz says “President Trump proposed a budget that would cut EPA funding by 31 percent and lay off 15,000 employees. 3000 in Montana alone.” As soon as I read this, I knew these numbers were completely false by a long shot … Maybe he should do some fact checking before throwing numbers out that are untrue.

So I went to the EPA website and found out that at the end of 2016 (the month before Trump was President) the EPA had 15,376 employees. So according to his column saying 15,000 would be laid off, that would leave only 376 employees left in the EPA. Really? So his numbers are garbage. And we wonder why people can’t believe half of what they read or hear anymore.

John Backs


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