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Fagg has my vote


Before we know it, it will be time to choose a Republican candidate.

While all the candidates are rock stars in their own way, if you are a Republican you have to ask who has the best chance of winning in November. This race comes down to two choices – Rosendale and Fagg.

We worked hard to get Matt Rosendale elected to the State Auditor’s office. He has lived here for around 15 years and has spent much of that time running for different political offices. Rosendale should finish his term in the auditor’s office rather than handing over his seat on the land board.

After listening to the Missoula Republican Senate Forum some things became very apparent. Two candidates are running to the hard right. Dr. O is farthest to the right with Matt Rosendale following close behind. Troy Downing is running as a businessman outsider. His problem is he is relatively a Montana newcomer and will get torn apart over his hunting snafu. (Whether true or not.)

That leaves Russ Fagg, the judge from Billings. He is a fourth-generation Montanan, he understands Montana issues, he is a strong conservative and will support the President’s agenda, and Russ has a great depth of knowledge gained from serving in our legislature and over 20 years as a judge.

Russ Fagg is thoughtful and articulate. He is a fiscal conservative, he is prolife, and Russ Fagg has my vote.

Susan Lake


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