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Soup competition helps food pantries

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RONAN – Glacier View Seventh-day Adventist Church broke all records when they raised 7,951 cans of soup during their 10th annual Souper Bowl. The soup was divided equally between the Ronan Bread Basket and the Polson Loaves and Fish Food Pantry. 

Quoting a letter of appreciation from the Bread Basket, “What better meal can we give our clients than a hot bowl of soup? Each time a client comes to
our facility, they receive a can or two and are pleased and appreciative. The Bread Basket serves 150 to 200 families each month. Since we have not had to purchase soup from our Bread Basket money supply, we are able to provide other nutritious items for our clients ... a bushel basket full of thanks.” 

What ‘better meal could a family have this time of year but a bowl of soup? Thanks to the Seventh-day Adventist congregation from Ronan and Polson, families who come 
to the Ronan Bread Basket and the Polson Loaves and Fish Food Pantry have and will continue to receive cans of soup to provide a nutritious meal for their families. 

Russ Jenkins, coordinator of the annual Souper Bowl drive, said that during the four weeks leading up to the Super Bowl football game, the congregation is divided into two teams who compete to win a Souper Bowl trophy and help their neighbors in need. Each congregant brings in money for soup, which is then purchased and given to the two food banks. 

This bounty of soup will last almost a whole year until the next Souper Bowl contest. This is the
tenth year that the contest has been held, and each year, the number of cans of soup has grown. These are all families that are not 
food-secure, so soup is a welcome addition to the menu. 

The project is labor intensive for Jenkins and the congregation. Not only do they 
collect the soup and money, but they must purchase cases and cases of soup and arrange for the 
delivery to the two food banks. Many thanks are given to Russ and his congregation. 

The Bread Basket board, volunteers and clients are very thankful for the bountiful donation 
from the Ronan-Polson Seventh-day Adventist Church. 


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