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Port Polson Players appreciated

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Bravo! And thank you to the Port Polson Players for gifting our community with another outstanding play, “Twelve Angry Men.” An award winning script, an outstanding cast, a talented director and a warm and welcoming support staff all combined to create a positive experience and a powerful drama with a meaningful message.

Historically relevant, this play sheds light on an important issue, not only during the civil rights era but, currently, on the national scene. “Whenever it appears, prejudice always clouds the truth,” (from the script). With the current rise of hate groups and civil unrest, it feels like we have taken a giant step backwards from “liberty and justice for all.”

As we know, human nature is far from perfect. Collectively and individually, we need to examine our biases and shed light on our flaws. A play like “Twelve Angry Men” helps us to do that. Kudos to Karen and Neal Lewing for presenting this thought-provoking play and for all the positive work they do.

Nancy Teggeman


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