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Here is my letter to Lake County Sheriff Don Bell.

I had two recent encounters with your deputies that I decided to tell you about because on both occasions the men not only did their job quite professionally but confidently and competently.

The first circumstance occurred when I was driving home from Missoula. I have recently been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder that I did not realize at the time.

I awoke behind the wheel on a dirt road and realized I was stopped in the driving lane and out of gas, after midnight.

I guess I fell back asleep and was awakened by Deputy Clary tapping at the window. I know he figured I had been drinking. I was on Terrace Lake Road. What felt like a lengthy discussion resulted in me calling AAA.

I know I could have been written a driving offense, but he demonstrated judgment after checking to be sure I was competent enough to drive home, and away I went without a mark on my clean driving record.

On the second occasion, I was robbed by a person who was helping me around the house. I was short four Grizzly rings. In less than half an hour, Deputy Schiretta arrived and took a report, knowing the person already was on probation. It wasn’t a couple of hours later when I received a call that they had been recovered and Schiretta brought a report.

I have worked inside the blue line for years and full well realize the competent work they do on a daily basis, but it really rings true when a person is directly affected. The rings are stored in the safe at Brown’s Jewelry.

Mick Holien


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