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Letters to the editor Jan. 8, 2020

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Pedestrians asked to be careful 


Have you ever almost hit a pedestrian while driving? I have and I hope you never do.

It scared me to think that I could have injured or killed a person. It was horrifying.

I was driving to work early one dark-winter morning on a snow-covered road in Lake County. I was concentrating on an oncoming car. The snow magnified the headlight glare from both cars. 

When the road is covered with snow, it is difficult to tell where the middle and edge of the road are. I was watching the car to make sure I was far enough away from the middle of the road for us to pass safely. As the car came closer to passing, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a tiny reflection and movement in front of me on the right. I braked hard and felt immediate relief that my brakes held and my vehicle did not slide. It turned out to be two joggers leading dogs in my lane. It did not seem that they were aware I was approaching behind them.

After feeling relief, fear and anger rushed in. I would have felt awful if I had hit them. They should have been jogging on the left side of the road. This was the closest I came to hitting a pedestrian but not the only time that people in dark clothing have suddenly come into my view on a dark morning or night.  This is dangerous as it scares drivers and they may not see the person in time.

The driver’s manual states that pedestrians are to walk on the left side of the road facing traffic so oncoming cars can be seen – not in the same lane as cars coming from behind.  

And please, it helps to be aware of the color of your clothing when you are walking in the dark along a road. Reflective gear can be added to dark clothing. Carrying a flashlight also helps. Don’t take the chance that drivers have perfect night vision. Please walk safely.

Grace Hostetler

St. Ignatius 


Coping through poetry


This is a poem I wrote just as part of my ongoing comments on our current dangerous presidency. Maybe a song will be next. The title is “2020 On the Way.”

AFABO, AFABO/ These initials are clear/ They stand for Trump’s preaching/ Of what he holds dear/ So, what do they mean?/ As Trump preaches away/ Here’s the obvious answer, and what we hear every day: “Anger, fear, attack, blaming others.”

Bob McClellan



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