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Americans must fight corrupt politics

Editor, This headline just grabbed my attention: “Halliburton continues to flood lawmakers with contributions after oil spill.” With all the arguing and finger-pointing about every problem facing our nation, how can we expect our federal law-making system to function fairly if these obscene financial contributions are allowed to flow from major corporate interests into the hands of our elected lawmakers? Is this what our Founding Fathers were conscious of when forming the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Could they see that this sort of selfish, biased, and totally dishonest conduct of national affairs could actually be the usual? I don’t think so. And I’...

Library provides vital resources for all

Editor, Welcome to your new job on the Valley Journal. If last week’s editorial is any indication, this paper is in good hands. Your tribute to libraries made me weep. That first library card as a kid was a really big deal.  In today’s world, an email address and computer access is ess...

Museum appreciates event support

Editor, We would like to thank the local media, exhibitors and attendees that made our 20th Annual Live History Day Celebration so special. Visitors came from as far away as Scotland, Ukraine, New Zealand and Turkey. New exhibits were a big hit and the weather was excellent.  Our biggest judge of ...

Thanks for great all-star season

Editor, Thank you to the parents, players, family, and friends of the Polson 10U all-star baseball season.  This was a phenomenal season all around. The sponsors and volunteers were outstanding. It was an honor to be a part of such a memorable year. The first annual Fireball Tournament was a huge ...

Troops deserve utmost support

Editor, Amen to Jack Cummings’ letter in the July 15 Valley Journal.  Like Jack’s son, our son, John, has also served in Afghanistan – twice. Happily, he was not wounded. These patriotic young Americans deserve every ounce of support we can muster. We need to love them and their ...

Big Arm looks to repeat water war win

Editor, July 24th is fast approaching and much preparation is under way for the Big Arm 100 year celebration. It is going to be a fun day for everyone that shows up in Big Arm between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The day’s fundraising events are being undertaken to raise money to restore the Big Arm School, w...

Polsonite remembered as great city promoter

Editor,  Last week’s Journal identified Polson’s 4th of July parade Grand Marshall, Ethel McAlear Montgomery, as Fay McAlear’s niece. She’s his daughter. I’m the niece – or one of twelve.  But you got it right about his promoting Polson. Uncle Fay was drive...

Library levy exemplifies community spirit

Editor, The voters of this community and the surrounding area are being asked to vote in favor of the formation of a library district, a service that many will and should support. It’s essential to a healthy community. This area is known for its ability to show concern for many divisive issues. H...

Library district excludes most of our community

Editor,  If the library district levy is going to be so wonderful, then why isn’t all of Lake County included?  What about the Ronan library?  Ronan has a library and should benefit from the library district levy as well, should it pass. Are we not concerned for all citizens of ...

Levy would expand funding pool

Editor, A library is a dull place if you’re illiterate. Consider the bright side – when watching TV you don’t have too much to read, other than casual words. No, a library is not the best place to learn to read, but it’s a wonderful place to expand your reading capability and your ...

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