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Thanking Flathead irrigators

Editor,  I want to thank Flathead irrigators who voted for David Lake and me (Janette Rosman) in our recent Flathead Irrigation District Election. There were many bumps in getting this election process moving forward. Between Lake County, Whaley Accounting and FID commissioners, we were able to get it completed. The total number of acres in the FID is at 86,852.83, including Lake and Sanders counties, and of that total amount, 57-62 percent of the voting acres were accounted for in this election.   David Lake had 33,221 acres equaling 62 percent, and Janette Rosman had 30,176 acres equaling 57 percent. That tells me the majority of FID irrigators are in favor of what we h...

Thoughts from a mama bear

The media has us fired up about lots of things. And that’s good. We should be fired up. Fired up equals interested and engaged. We should all be interested and engaged. An observation: our culture is ever changing (hallelujah to that). We often need culture changes. They bring about good things and ...

What does it all really mean?

With the advent of texting and instant messaging there has emerged a huge set of online abbreviations to make messaging faster. For those of us who aren’t immersed in messaging lingo, getting a message with a bizarre term or shorthand can be annoying and confusing.  First off, how did this come...

Liking versus loving

I love my family. We all do. Or most of us at least – on most days, at least. Loving your family is a given. You anticipate loving your spouse even before you meet him or her. This is exponentiated with your children. You love them fully and completely well before they are born. There is nothing that c...

On shaky ground

Shaken up. Rattled. Unnerved. While lives weren’t lost in the two large quakes and more than 4,000 aftershocks that recently hit Ridgecrest, California, what was lost was an emotional sense of security. The ground is supposed to be firm. Terra firma. Standing on solid ground. And when that won&rsquo...

Same name, different meaning Same name, different meaning

The English language is fraught with conundrums. That’s probably why I love it so much. It’s never boring and continually keeps me learning (or guessing – or both). One of these complexities has to do with words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings – our good fr...

Locking children up creates more problems

Editor, The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study has shown that maltreatment in childhood contributes to health problems throughout the lives of children. These problems include chronic diseases, heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, which profoundly affect their lives and are very expensive to treat...

Green tea: why it's better than coffee Green tea: why it's better than coffee

Many Americans are passionate fans of coffee. A study conducted by the National Coffee Association in 2018 found that 64 percent of Americans drink at least one or more cups of coffee daily, the highest percentage since 2012. Suppose I told you there is a better option than your daily cup of Joe? Green te...

Political candidate has a good message

Editor, A very significant and politically clarifying thing happened to me recently. Two of my very dear and valued friends, one from Utah and the other from here, talked with me on the same day with the same message. The day was June 28, and the message was about healing our nation. The focus of my frien...

Letters to the Editor for July 3, 2019

Summer reading list shared   Editor, Human knowledge has exploded in the years since the invention of the printing press and the Gutenberg Bible (about 1450). Now, there are lots of “good books.” Here is a short list for summer reading, which could enhance a reader’s understandi...

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