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Character matters

Editor, Does character count? Looking at our present legislative and executive branches of government, does character trump selfishness? Do members of our Republican House and Senate act out of high morality, unselfishness, and good character? Does our White House and various executive branch appointees act out of high morality, unselfishness, and good character? Character definitely does count. We all know that. And presently, if we are honest with bipartisan assessments, the answer to the Republican question is a resounding no. And the answer to the White House question is also a resounding no, with an interesting mixture with various executive branch appointees. This is America,...

Dance support appreciated

Editor, Thank you for all your support of Cowboy Country and the Gold Dust Girls dance at the Elks. I want to express my appreciation to many of my friends (nine) for helping before, during and after the dance; to the Elks; Anderson Broadcasting Music Minute; for all who advertised for this event, eith...

Call for ‘special’ Flathead Irrigation District meeting

Editor, Over a year ago BIA announced that it would increase required irrigator O&M fee payments next year by $4.50 to $33.50 per acre. Although there are good reasons to have actively challenged the magnitude of that increase, the now defunct FJBC and its three continuing irrigation districts did lit...

Facts about the numbers

Editor, Mission and Jocko Irrigation Districts passed a resolution for operation and maintenance costs for the 2019 irrigation season to remain at $29 per acre. We refused the $4.50 increase. The Flathead District has not made a final decision. Here’s reasons for this decision. 1. In 2017, a $3 i...

Get to know candidate, positions

Editor, Sometimes something just “hits one the wrong way.” Catherine Vandemoer’s letter in the Aug. 8 issue of the Valley Journal hit me the wrong way. By Ms. Vandermoer’s reasoning, no one is able to represent all the people of Lake County if he – or she – happens to b...

Razzle-dazzle berries Razzle-dazzle berries

You never know the lessons you might learn from something as small and unassuming as a raspberry. The plants were a gift from a friend. A few clumps of leafy twigs, roots and the attached soil. You could hardly tell if they were alive, but I had faith in those little brown and green clumps. I plopped them...

McDonald will serve us well as commissioner

Editor, Lake County needs strong leaders who will carefully act to maintain safe and sanitary living conditions for all its residents. From what I have learned about Caroline McDonald, I am confident that she has the right background and experience to be the perfect choice to serve Lake County as a commis...

Rosendale is best choice

Editor, I’m writing to tell you why I support Matt Rosendale to be the next United States senator from Montana. Our current senator, Jon Tester, supports socialized, government-run health care. Montanans see every day how bad Obamacare is: higher premiums and deductibles. Plans have been canceled an...

Tester has earned a third term

Editor, East coast developer Matt Rosendale would be a disaster for Montana as senator. His negative attack ads against Senator Jon Tester are simply ridiculous – he might be more accurately describing himself with his “gone Washington” verbiage. When Rosendale was running to be Monta...

Working together essential to progress

Editor, Logic? “Future economic stability of Lake County depends on the election of those whose loyalty is not divided between two governments.” I think not. Both governments mentioned in the readers letter are part of Lake County. Both are sovereign nations. We need in fact to eliminate co...


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