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Ronan shows community spirit

Editor, We are so very proud to be a part of a wonderful group of people who supported and volunteered for the Ronan Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ronan Community Center. There was a true sense of community with eating together, sharing stories, laughter, and wonderful music and dancing. We served more than 375 people and 72 volunteered their time and talents.  A special thank you to the Salish and Kootenai Tribe, Lake County commissioners, Lake County Community Development, John’s Fuel Farm, Jim Petit, the generous donations; and, all those who provided desserts, prepared and served the dinner. We have so much to be thankful for in Lake County. Thank you. C...

Speak out against fire district 'incident' billing

Editor, Taxed enough? Not according to a recent vote by the Polson Rural Fire District.  This board voted to enter into a contract with a third-party billing service to bill you and I directly for responding to auto "incidents.” The amounts billed are to be negotiated by the board, but prelimin...

Fire department response fee explained

Editor, The Polson Rural Fire Board wishes to clarify what it feels may be a misunderstanding by some members of the community. For nearly two years, the board, both past and present, has looked at recovering costs for responses to motor vehicle accidents. This has been on the board's agenda and discussed...

Traffic light should have appropriate signage

Editor, The sensor for the traffic light at Fourth Avenue East and Hwy. 93 in Polson by Super One Foods is situated so that if your left tire is on or over the yellow center divider, the light will not change. Many times I've seen a car sitting there, holding up traffic, waiting for a light that is not go...

Thanks for coverage, help

Editor, I'm writing this letter to say thank you for your write up in the paper on both accounts, I would not have had success on giving the items away. I want to thank you for sending the reporter who took the picture and the write up from the bottom of my heart. I could not have done it without the help...

Troops should be sent home

Editor, Why is it that all this discussion is going on between Republicans and Democrats, between all the “talking heads” and between all the media outlets focusing upon tax cuts, the national deficit, budget cuts, and a myriad of lesser problems and nothing is being said about getting complet...

Investigate Polson fire department accident tax

Editor, The fire department just voted in a hidden tax. Who will pay? The tax is for "incidents" responded to by the department. The Polson Rural Fire district residents already pay a property tax for this service. It seems like double dipping to me. This tax will be billed to you and me and maybe even ou...

Front lines - Afghanistan

Raised in the Mission Valley, Lieutenant Colonel Ted Adams serves in the United States Marine Corps. Adams is the son of Dee and C.W. Adams of Polson and is serving his second tour of Afghanistan in the 9th Engineer Support Battalion of 3rd Marine Logistics. A 1983 graduate of Polson High School, Adams at...

Banning earmarks gives Obama administration control of decisions

Coming home every weekend and traveling to all of Montana’s 56 counties allows me to listen to folks, visit small businesses and understand the rural communities we call home. Unlike some Washington bureaucrat who sits in a cubicle all day, I know Montana. I know some parts of our state don’t ...

'Stop legislating, start gutting'

Editor, The following is a letter to Senator (Jon) Tester: I received your email today and was shocked to see that you are proud of the passage of the Food Safety and Modernization Act. No, I have not read the bill. I have decided in this case to follow our "representatives" example and save the time f...

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