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Thanks to Ronan firefighters

Editor,  I would like to thank Tom Bartel and everyone in the Ronan Fire Department for having their water truck on standby during my barn burning. Thank you everyone for helping.  Harlen Gerdes Ronan  

Notices to be served for weed violations

Editor, I’d like to address the Polson area property owners. Please take the time to mow the tall grass and weeds on your property so that they do not become a fire hazard. I am sure that if you do not take care of the tall weeds and grass, your neighbors will complain.  Starting July 1 I...

Americans need to work together

Editor, With the obviously serious nature of the catastrophic situation in the Gulf of Mexico and President Obama’s attempts to look very presidential and in-charge, one must not overlook a few other catastrophes or catastrophes-in-the-making in which our nation is intimately entwined. To name a few...

Soup’s On appreciates donations

Editor, Soup’s On at the Wander Inn would like to thank the community for contributing to our free food program during the Feinstein Challenge. From March 1–April 31, the Alan Shaw Feinstein Foundation matched your donations, and added one dollar per pound for any gift of food that we received...

Being better informed just got easier

Ain’t technology wonderful? Oh, sure, sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming and maybe even overhyped. It seems that constant communications and worldwide information at our fingertips has become a must-have ability that we couldn’t possibly do without.  Clearly, technology advances make...

Community theater wows audience, cast members

When I interviewed Rita Tingey in September, she had a dream of Ronan’s very own community theater — where local people with some creative talent could band together and create something magical. She was banking on all the closet thespians to come out of the closet.  She laughed and ga...

Vote to protect Constitution

Editor, I have questions.  How many citizens living in Lake County believe our country is a democracy? How many would know that our country is in fact a republic? Why is it even necessary to ask questions like these?   Groups of men have fought savagely to the death because in dying they g...

Bread Basket says thank you

Editor,  The Bread Basket Board would like to thank the Rural Post Office carriers for the Ronan, Pablo, Charlo and Moiese area for bringing in 692 pounds of food last month. A big thank you goes to the families for their generosity in sharing their groceries. Our needy families will benefit greatly ...

Museum welcomes guests

Editor, The Ninepipes Museum would like everyone to know about our new summer hours and our unique gun display. The hours are Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is closed on Sundays. Special tours can be set up for large groups – just call. The travelling gun display will b...

Thanks to community during tough time

Editor, The family of Michael “Mikey” Pierce would like to express their deep appreciation for all of the loving support and kindness given to us during this difficult time of our lives.  We are truly blessed to have special friends and neighbors that sent food, beautiful flower arrang...

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