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Farm programs are federal

Editor, Here’s the rest of the story: If you go to the federal website you will see that the owner of Twin Creek Ranch lives in Lake County. Many of our friends and neighbors own businesses and property in places other than Lake County. I have owned property here since 1981, and I live here. If you go to that website you’ll see that Twin Creek Ranch received money for disaster subsidies. It doesn’t mention that the disaster insurance paid by the ranch was far more than money received. Over the last 14 years half of the money the ranch received was from CRP, the conservation reserve program. Farm and ranch business is often difficult for city dwellers to underst...

Candidate forums are important

Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the citizens attending the St. Ignatius and Rollins candidate forums for my absence.  I was unaware of the forum in St. Ignatius until the next day when a concerned citizen questioned me about my absence. As for the Rollins forum, I rec...

Faces may change, but the Valley Journal will carry on

Change happens, whether you plan for it or not. And I never thought I’d be planning around this kind of change. At the end of June, I’ll be leaving the Valley Journal. It’s not going to be a joyful occasion for me. As a matter of fact, my last day at work might be the roughest I&rsquo...

Stop pointing fingers over oil spill

Editor, I’m writing a parable. The setting is a press conference in the White House. A questioner asks, “Mr. President, we are hearing all manner of reactions to the oil spill in the gulf. There is finger pointing in every direction. Your administration is being accused of this and that. Pe...

Celebrate graduation safely

Editor, I’d like to address the parents of the senior classes of 2010.  Graduation is here and you must be proud of your high school senior. Celebrate their success and enjoy the time you have with them.  Let them have fun, but please make sure you know where they are going, who they...

Volunteers made tourney a success

Editor, The recent CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) of Lake County golf tournament at the Polson Bay Golf Course was a huge success even given the usual poor weather conditions for this annual event.  Even with the challenging economic conditions area businesses stepped up in ...

Community made rummage sale successful

Editor, Thank you to Polson and the surrounding communities for making the rummage sale at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church a success on May 7-8. Leftover items were distributed to other charitable organizations, helping many more. Look for announcements of our fall rummage sale, Oct. 1-2.  ...

Brower right for County Commission

Editor, I write to endorse the candidacy of Ann Smith Brower to the Lake County Commission. Most of my close observation of Ann Smith Brower has been in her capacity as a Ronan City Council member. In that role she has been consistently caring and conscientious. Elected office involves having to make h...

We need less government, more community

Editor,  We are going to the polls on June 8 to vote for some local politicians such as sheriff and county commissioner, but we, the voters, are paying more taxes than we can afford.  So, I would like to make some suggestions on how to save a buck or two.  We should lay off 30 percent...

Claims against Sheriff’s Office are unfounded

Editor,  After recent malicious and non-factual posting in the media by a group identifying themselves only as “Concerned Citizens of Lake County,” I would like to inform the residents of Lake County that every issue that has been mentioned has been investigated either by an outside agenc...

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