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We must unite to fight corporate injustices

Editor, Code words to watch out for are, “Environmental justice,” said a recent tea party speaker.  Two mouse clicks reveal the website of Tea Party Patriots, Inc. where local citizens organize protests, helped by Freedomworks, funded by Exxon and oil billionaire Koch. Founder Dick Armey’s corporate lobbyist firm buys politicians in Washington for big oil and gas companies and the UAE.  Messages about Ronan/Polson tea party events are mixed with EPA-bashing statements lifted from another website funded by Exxon. Pretty slick to use corporate funding to get ordinary locals to help castrate the EPA.  This allows fancy tricks like the Halliburton...

Maybe it’s time for the election process to go postal

I admit I’m a positive kind of person. I see the glass half full and the potential to fill it.  At election time, I try to remain positive about our country’s election process, but there are times when my disenchantment seeps out. After the results from last week’s municipal and ...

Thanks to Earth Day volunteers

Editor, Thank you to all the volunteers, public and private organizations, and especially all the bicyclists who came out to make the 2nd Annual Bike Path/Earth Day Celebration an overwhelming success. The organizing committee of the event is overwhelmed by your support.  Diana Schwab Polso...

Thanks for working with our children

Editor, I am writing to express my appreciation for Jocko Valley Library director, Arlee High School ALC supervisor, and Friday “Free Three” Activities coordinator Kim Folden.  It is this final role that I’d like to describe for readers unfamiliar with Folden’s work. Since ...

Freedom and liberty is being stripped away

Editor, It is frightening to me the speed with which the present governing body in Washington, DC is stripping us of our personal freedom and liberty and all in the name of knowing what is best for us no matter what we say.  The passage of the Health Care Reform Act is a nail in the coffin of life...

Healthy debate good for Americans

Editor, All those attending and anyone listening to President Obama’s speech to the graduating class at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor recently had the opportunity to hear a most lucid, intelligent, thoughtful and timely lecture on the great value of our democratic system of government, how...

Plenty of reasons to vote for Taylor

Editor, Attention all voters in House District 11: have you noticed that Janna Taylor is running again? Here are some reasons why you may want to vote for her on June 8th, and again in November. For starters, she answers her constituents’ mail. How many times have you gotten a personal reply from...

Merwin’s character worthy of vote

Editor, While all the candidates for Lake County Commissioner appear worthy, I strongly support Ron Merwin.  My wife and I have the privilege of calling Merwin both friend and neighbor. We could not ask for more hospitable and caring neighbors than Ron and Jessie. More than once, they have gone ou...

Mother’s Day is really a call for peace

Editor,  Today Mother’s Day is all about honoring our Mothers with flowers and gifts, but the idea of Mother’s Day in the United States arose out of a desire for peace.  In 1870, Julia Ward Howe, in reaction to the horrors of death and carnage of the Civil War wrote the following ...

Burn within the permit system

Open burning ended last Friday, but that doesn’t mean burning won’t continue for a while.  As of Saturday, May 1, open burning is permitted but only by permit. Everyone who lives on the Flathead Indian Reservation and wants to burn woody material must obtain a burn permit through the trib...

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