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Jail issue requires multi-faceted approach

This column is to give a different multi-faceted approach to the jail issue that is in the news. This approach is based on 30 years in law enforcement, two terms as your Lake County Sheriff and now as one of your Lake County Commissioners. Sheriffs as far back as Joe Geldrich were dealing with a full jail, 1,000 warrants and 1,000 waiting to serve their sentence. The dynamics are a little different but this is not a new issue or your only issue. We have the largest drug problem in Montana with a jail too small to hold all the suspects. This leads to more crime to fund drug use, causing more people to be arrested and turned away from the jail. The problem continues to grow. A new 200-b...

Kindness Kindness

Life is hard. I’ve told my kids this dozens of times. I’m not trying to be a Debby Downer parent, but I do think I owe them honesty. And honestly, life is hard. I think it’s supposed to be. What we get caught up in, sometimes, is thinking that life is hard for only us. We see smiling ...

How to grow sweet, hot peppers organically How to grow sweet, hot peppers organically

Peppers are one of the garden crops that must be started inside and transplanted out to the garden later, when weather has warmed. Years ago, people grew more sweet peppers than hot, but now hot peppers are very popular here in the northern Rocky Mountain and plains region. Below, I offer some pointers on ho...

The joy of paying attention The joy of paying attention

Wasted time. We do it all the time. Fritter away a moment, an hour, an entire day.\ Time is a valuable and limited commodity. Each of us has a limited amount to spend as we choose. And once time is gone, it’s gone. There’s no going back to five minutes ago to redo or re-experience. Not even fo...

New year brings new hours for library

Are you ready for a reading challenge? If you would like to expand your reading horizons or just like a little variety, stop into the library and pick up a Winter Reading Program bingo card. You can also print one from our Facebook page – look for it in our timeline photos. There are 49 squares to choo...

Fishing good at East Bay

Fishermen: A heads up on Ninepipe and Pablo Reservoir. They are open as of Jan. 8. The perch bite at East Bay (east side of Polson Bay) has kicked in with some real jumbos showing up. On Jan. 4 I spent a half a day there and came home with a nice mess of fish. Of the 10 or more people fishing, there wasn&...

Reflections of a football aficionado Reflections of a football aficionado

Football is a big deal at my house. I live with a bunch of guys who love the game. My daughter married a guy who loves the game. It only makes sense I’d be pulled into the gridiron mix. As such, I’ve contemplated certain intricacies about the game. Not the rules or playing strategies or scorin...

TV nostalgia TV nostalgia

I grew up in the era of classic, theydon’t- make-them-likethat- anymore television shows. Of course this is my opinion. But who can argue with the iconic status of the Brady Bunch, Little House on the Prairie, Carol Burnett, Love Boat and Fantasy Island? (The last two so much different than shows with ...

New jail shouldn’t be financed by property taxes alone

There has been much written and said recently about the need for a new jail in Lake County. Current Sheriff Don Bell requested a visit to our facility by a National Institute of Corrections team last November to identify the current state of the jail and what future needs might be. The results of the study c...

Organic gardening has low carbon footprint Organic gardening has low carbon footprint

We have all heard about rising carbon dioxide gas (CO2) levels in the earth’s atmosphere, which is causing heating, resulting in worldwide climate change. The atmosphere holds about 800 billion tons of carbon at present. Another 560 billion tons of carbon is stored in living plant life. However, the so...

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