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Don’t let fear tactics sway your vote

Editor, Two big fears are driving two prominent races in Lake County. Both fears are baseless. In the race for Public Service Commission, some people are worried that clean energy is more expensive than dirty energy, and we can’t afford it. That fear is flatly refuted by actual recent power purchases by Northwestern Energy, which transmits most of Montana’s electricity. Northwestern bought energy from new coal-fired power plants (Colstrip 4) for $54.69 per MWH, and from new wind farms (Judith Gap) for $39.48 per MWH. And Northwestern priced energy gained from new conservation measures at just $4.80 per MWH. So when Ken Toole works for energy conservation and cleaner sou...

Polson is awesome

Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to give the community of Polson my heartfelt thanks for the amazing happenings at the Live Locally Fun Run, last Saturday morning. I have had some incredible experiences in growing up in Polson, but nothing will compare to what happened to me on Saturday. I wa...

We’ll support Fleming

Editor, My family was paid a visit this weekend by John Fleming, as part of his whirlwind, door-to-door campaign push for re-election in House District 12. If you choose to believe the negative, off-message, intentional misrepresentation of Mr. Fleming, or any other candidate of any other party, that i...

Fleming honored his word

Editor, There are many reasons to vote to re-elect John Fleming, Montana House District 12. Please take the time to visit his website ( and read for yourself what John believes in and is trying to accomplish for Montana and our district. Please do not take as fact what y...

Simply the best

Editor, The family of Rob Gunderson would like to thank everyone for the wonderful help with our benefit dinner, for the food donations, silent auction items, setting up, serving, cleaning up, monetary donations, generous bids, and words of support. The evening was a huge success. Over 300 people atten...

Fashionista forgoes shopping for donating

I couldn’t stand it another moment. My closet — dark, cluttered, impenetrable. Clothes littered the floor, a Polaroid camera next to the chicken wire, and my forlorn sewing machine shoved next to mismatched socks and strapless dresses fallen from crooked hangers.  Every morning I have the...

Stop the hypocrisy

Editor, Why would we, “The American People,” want Republicans back in charge? If the last decade hasn’t taught us anything, just look at the last two years. Republicans – GOP – Grand Obstructionist Party - have no solutions. They have consistently voted against good bills ...

Ronan Police must ‘do more with less’

Editor, I am writing today to request patience and understanding from the people. This will be another tough year for public safety budgets. We heard of some of the issues in Polson recently and we are no different. This year the Ronan Police Department again has to do more with less. We were hit with ano...

Thanks for support of Walk to School Day

Editor, I would personally like to thank all the individuals, businesses and organizations who helped to make Ronan’s International Walk (and Bicycle) to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 6, such a great success. What a wonderful community collaboration to provide approximately 275 students, parents and...

Send Salomon to Helena

Editor, This letter is written to inform the public about some important differences between the candidates running for House District 12. Several people are saying that they are so similar, but in truth, they have some very differing views on the issues that should be of concern to people in our district...

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