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Big Arm Fire Station is a valuable asset

Editor, As the only two members of the Polson Rural Fire Board to be elected by the rural residents, we are concerned about recent statements that have been circulated regarding the upcoming Fire Board election. Among other things, it has been suggested to voters that if Steve Stanley and Beth Hoel are elected, the Big Arm Station will be closed. Not only is this blatantly false, it is an example of the scare tactics that we all see permeating the political landscape. To set the facts straight, in 2006, there were no volunteers to respond to the Big Arm Station. Accordingly, the board, at that time, told the community that without volunteers, the station could not function and would n...

Keep the dirty politics out of it

Editor, In the past few weeks I have noticed that the political rhetoric has turned to what we would call “dirty politics of name calling, etc.”  I find this quite out of context given the nature of our Lake County.  This might be condoned back east or in the Pacific time zone ...

Firefighters are firefighters

Editor, This letter is in response to recent statements to the press made by Alison Meslin that the Polson city firefighters may not be the best “ones to control the Rural District resources.” Although I am unclear what she thinks is being controlled, I feel it is important to clarify some mis...

Invest it now, or pay for it later

Good things don’t last forever, at least not without some serious investment. What works with careers and relationships also works with the things we own and prize. We can keep using that favorite hammer for as long as we want, as long as we keep it out of the weather and out of our neighbor’s...

You can't take vote back

Editor, I would like to comment on the candidates for Lake County Sheriff. When we soon sit at home alone filling out an absentee ballot or stand alone in that voting booth we must not forget that once that vote is cast, it cannot be taken back no matter how much we would wish it to be.  Eighteen ...

We must deal with fear

Editor,  Having just returned from a month-in-the-sun trip, picking up the April 8 Valley Journal and eager to catch up on local news, I was struck by one article in particular: "Panel delves into women's issues." As Melea Burke reported, "Addiction, Social Security, and mental health were just so...

Brushfires of Freedom forms in valley

Editor, America is awakening to the fact that the “fundamental changes” being implemented by progressives in our government are destructive to our economy, security, liberties, present and future prosperity. Our country has never been more divided and the changes are coming at us fast and furi...

Some of area's finest will be on hand for spring scrimmage

Spring brings a lot more than flowers to the valley. This year, it brings the sound of popping pads and some college football to town. The University of Montana Western is treating the Mission Valley with its annual spring football scrimmage on Ronan High School's new football field this Saturday. This...

Thanks for making the tournament a success

Editor, The Ronan 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament Directors — Steve Woll, Mike Graham, and Shelly Buhr — would like to send out a very special thanks to all that helped in making the tournament a success. Several businesses made a number of donations and we had a lot of tournament volunteers. ...

Easter is cause to celebrate

Editor, As the deadness of cold winter days fade and the warmer breezes of spring sweep across the valley; and all around are the melodious songs of robins and meadowlarks; newborn calves soak up the warmth of sunny skies; the bright blooms of Crocus flowers and the fragrance of the Easter lilies fill our...

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