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Local turnout at Liberty Convention disappointing

Editor, Where were you Lake County? The Liberty Convention held in Missoula this past weekend was awesome. Too bad you missed it. Several speakers of national renown came to discuss not only where our country got off track, but also what might be done to fix it. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into planning this event, and it fell on the deaf ears of many. It’s a shame you were too busy attending to your sporting events, tending to your garden, or that you were deterred by the cool weather. It’s too bad your priorities did not include standing with other citizens concerned about our country to make a statement for freedom and liberty. Also, please know th...

Community theatre prospers in Polson

Nervous anticipation, heart-rate rising, sweaty palms, my mind goes blank. I can’t think of my lines moments before going on in my opening role as David Polson. “Stop!” I think to myself. Take a deep breath. Shake your arms down to your fingertips and relax.  Thankfully I have Neal ...

Cabaret coverage missed

Editor, I thought since Cabaret was on the weekend the local papers wouldn’t have time to publish anything until the following week. But it happened again, same as last year. Now I’m writing to complain –same as last year.  This year's Ronan Show Choir drew over 1,200 spectators ...

The sudden end comes with its own rewards

There’s almost a sadness to the end of spring sports. It just seems that of all the sports seasons, the spring sports athletes don’t get a full dose of fun. Just when everything gets going, the season-ending state tournaments come rushing at you like a freight train in a dark tunnel.  ...

School paper seeks history

Editor, My name is David Windrum and I am the current co-editor of Polson High School’s newspaper the Salishian. I am currently working on a project to archive all the people who have been editor of the Salishian in the past.  From the work I have done in our archive I believe the Salishian ...

Remember who took away our rights

Editor, Who are these people taking our rights from us? The issues have become more prevalent every day in some papers and on some newscasts this blight is spreading. You can’t say this. You can’t do that. This or that will offend someone.  Who are these people making decisions against...

All life is sacred

Editor, I just received a phone call from someone representing the State Planned Parenthood association. She stated that the passing of the Personhood Amendment to the State Constitution would threaten the rights of a woman to have an abortion.  That is impossible. Not only is abortion legal in...

Loaves and Fish thankful for donation

Editor, The Polson Loaves and Fish Food Pantry clients, volunteers, and board thanks the United States Postal Service, its mail carriers and the food donors for their recent food drive. This year almost 1,400 pounds of food were delivered to the Polson pantry to help feed those in need in our community.&n...

Fundraiser captured community spirit

Editor, On May 15, I attended the Lake County Democratic fundraiser for candidates running for office. The tone of the evening focused on the ideas of Howard Zinn, the influential political activist.  The North Crow Clubhouse was packed. Carolyn Beecher and all who worked planning this event did a...

Cabaret worthy of more coverage

Editor, As is tradition during the Mother’s Day weekend, on May 6-8 Cabaret took place in the RMS Auditorium. It was already the 28th Annual Cabaret that Cathy Gillhouse and her Show Choir put together. There had been announcements and advertisements for Cabaret in the Valley Journal long before ...

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