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Articles with the Tag: St. Ignatius police

Mission mayor lists duties

News from Neighborhood Watch ST. IGNATIUS — St. Ignatius Mayor Charlie Gariepy told the town’s Neighborhood Watch Chapter Sept. 20 that his main duty is to oversee the day-to-day operation of the town. Of course that includes delegating tasks to the town’s four employees, he said. ...

Police chief tests speed perception

News from St. Ignatius Neighborhood Watch ST. IGNATIUS — A group of onlookers came unusually close to guessing the correct speeds of vehicles passing in front of them in a recent experiment in St. Ignatius. St. Ignatius Chief of Police Matthew Connelly drove his pickup at three different spe...

Police Chief to demonstrate car speeds

News from St. Ignatius Neighborhood Watch ST. IGNATIUS — Citizens will be able to judge their abilities to perceive vehicle speeds in a demonstration by St. Ignatius Chief of Police Matthew Connelly. The demonstration will be held during a meeting of the St. Ignatius Chapter of Neighborhood Watch on...

Law enforcement organizes Special Olympics torch run Law enforcement organizes Special Olympics torch run

A torch was carried across Lake County on Friday to support local athletes participating in the Montana Special Olympic Games. Members of law enforcement organized the Law Enforcement Torch Run, and they were joined by an ambulance crew and several volunteers.  “Our job as law enforcement is to...

Emergency responders make it real Emergency responders make it real

ST. IGNATIUS – Kaleb Durglo, 16, got out of a smashed car after driving drunk and looked at his dead friends.  “No, no, no,” he screamed when he saw them.  Mission High School students watched the mock crash scene with teary eyes on Friday. Senior Haley Carroll, 17, organize...

School board approves design team search

ST. IGNATIUS – The Mission School Board approved the acquisition of a design team for the school improvements plan at the last board meeting on a proposed project requiring a taxpayer bond projected to be set at $5 million.  “We want to open this up to companies interested in helping us w...

St. Ignatius gets new police officer St. Ignatius gets new police officer

ST. IGNATIUS – When St. Ignatius Police Officer Patrick Nobles patrols the town, he envisions a time when people didn’t have to lock their doors. “I’d like to see this community go back to that,” he said. “Is it feasible? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.&...

New officials appointed to positions in town New officials appointed to positions in town

ST. IGNATIUS – Two members were appointed to the board and a new officer was hired during the town council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 5.  Willy Long took his seat on the town council after being sworn in by Mayor Charley Gariepy. Long replaces Annie Morigeau. Mayor Gariepy thanked Morigeau for he...

Students appreciate law enforcement Students appreciate law enforcement

ST. IGNATIUS – Leila Marsh, Mission High sophomore, stood in front of more than 300 people in the cafeteria at the Mission School District during this month’s community breakfast on Monday, Dec. 7, to say thank you to local law enforcement. “We appreciate you both for keeping us safe,&rd...

St. Ignatius approves new officer

ST. IGNATIUS – Josh Blackweasel was officially approved as the new full-time police officer by the town council during their regular meeting, which gives the town two full-time officers and one part-time. Blackweasel began his position on Sept. 13.  The board was questioned about a police offic...

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